Bring It On: In It to Win It


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The West High Sharks cheerleading squad, led by Southern California high school senior Carson, are attending the all-important "Cheer Camp Nationals" in steadfast pursuit of the competition's coveted "Spirit Stick." Upon arriving, they are confronted by their arch-rivals and most fierce competition, the East High Jets, led by chic New Yorker Brooke. While the tension mounts between the rival squads, Carson finds herself attracted to fellow cheerleader Penn, neither knowing the other is a member of their arch-rival squad. When Brooke discovers their budding romance, she challenges Carson to a one-on-one cheer-off which eventually erupts into a brawl and results in both squads suspended from the competition. With their dreams of taking home the "Spirit Stick" pretty much shattered, the leaders of both squads realize they must take drastic measures to stay in the game. ...  


90 Minutes

Closed Captions

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