Better Luck Tomorrow


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Everyone knows a guy like Ben--the perfect Asian American high school teen. He's an extremely intelligent perfectionist, an overachiever whose tunnel vision will lead to nothing less than graduation at the top of his class and acceptance to the best Ivy league University. Ben lives in an upper-middle class conservative L.A. suburb. As he struggles to achieve social acceptance in high school, we discover his darker side. Along with his two friends Virgil and Virgil's cousin Hal, Ben leads a double life of mischief and petty crimes that alleviate the pressures of perfection and only become worse when he meets up with Daric, the senior valedictorian who is also a time bomb ready to explode. With Daric at the helm, this gang of misfits band together to form a suburban gang who tumble into a downward spiral of excitement, excess and lurking danger. ...  



99 Minutes

Closed Captions

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