Before I Go To Sleep


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Christine Lucas wakes every day frightened and confused, next to a man who says he's her husband. Christine suffers from psychogenic amnesia, the result of a traumatic accident, and remembers nothing from her recent past or the accident. Each day, Ben introduces himself and explains that she lost her memory after a car accident. She stores the information throughout the day, but each night everything is erased from her memory. One day, a neuropsychologist calls and tells her that she has been working with him, and that she was not in a car accident, but was attacked and left for dead. He gives her a digital camera and tells her to record a video diary with what she learns about her past, and terrifying truths emerge forcing her to question everything she thinks she knows about her life, and everyone in it. Based on the novel by S.J. Watson. ...  


92 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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