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Set against the breathtaking landscape of the Alaskan territory, this is the heroic tale of Balto, half-wolf and the town outcast, who courageously battles the forces of nature and his own self-doubts in a race to save the children of Nome. It's 1925, and a serious diphtheria epidemic is spreading fast, but a terrible blizzard has paralyzed the primitive air, sea and rail routes. Inspired by his love for Rosy and her beautiful husky Jenna, and his longing to be accepted by the townspeople, Balto rises to the occasion and wins the right to be on the sled team that will avert disaster by making the journey to retrieve the medicine from the Nenana railroad terminal 600 miles away. However, a dirty trick by Balto's arch rival Steele gets him kicked off the team altogether. When Balto spots a brokenhearted Jenna peering through the hospital window at her mistress Rosy, a new determination wells up inside him and he decides to go out into the storm to find Steele and bring back the medicine. ...  


78 Minutes

Closed Captions


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