Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? (Tagalog | English Subtitles)

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Art of Waiting


Sandy, a quirky lady with a bad taste in fashion is trying to mend her heart from her breakup with irresponsible ex-boyfriend Edgardo. She works for A&I Records with an unbeatable record as the “best employee of the month” for three straight years when the newly appointed CEO Alex fires her. Sandy punches him in the face. When Alex learns that Sandy is the only person who could help him to resurrect their company, he tries to convince Sandy to work for A&I records by proposing a deal with Sandy—Sandy would help him save the company from the brink of bankruptcy and he will help her turn into a beautiful woman so she would not get dumped by a guy again. As Sandy helps him recover the marketability of the company using her effective sales skill, Alex helps him change from out-fashioned woman with thick eyebrow and bushy hair to a woman who exudes confidence and beauty that every man would go crazy for. As they almost succeed in their agreement, Sandy learns that the man who turns her as an attractive woman will also be the same person who will break her heart. ...  

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