American Pastime

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Kaz Nomura and his wife Emi struggle to maintain a normal life after being forcibly relocated to an internment camp in the remote town of Abraham, Utah. Older brother Lane, determined to prove his loyalty, enlists in the U.S. Army's celebrated 442nd Regimental Combat Team. His brother Lyle is a musician and a baseball superstar who's embittered when his chance to attend college on a full baseball scholarship is cut short by the war. Lyle soon meets Katie Burrell, daughter of camp guard Billy Burrell, and the two teenagers begin a romance. When the romance between Katie and Lyle is discovered, the Burrells and the Nomuras find themselves at odds with each other, even though they're on the same side of the war. Billy Burrell, a man whose dream is one more shot at the big leagues, is a star of the minor league baseball club, the Abraham Bees. If not for the war, baseball is a passion he could have shared with Kaz and his sons, who also play for the love of the game. To show the town of Abraham their fighting spirit, the camp residents propose a baseball game between Billy's team and the Topaz camp's squad. An unusual wager is proposed, the stakes of which are a large sum of money for the locals; dignity and honor for the Japanese Americans. And through the all-American pastime of baseball, the town of Abraham and the Topaz detainees discover that they're really not that different after all--they're both Americans who share the same values, even when a war almost tears them apart. ...  



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