American History X


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The story unfolds through the eyes of Danny Vinyard, who idolizes his older brother Derek. Seeking retribution for his father's murder and burning a way to vent his rage, Derek finds himself transformed by a philosophy of hate as he turns into a charismatic leader of a local white power movement. Despite his indisputable intelligence, his incendiary actions culminate in a brutal murder and ultimately, a prison sentence. Three years later, everyone awaits Derek's return: His mother Doris who prays for his safety; his girlfriend Stacey who longs for his return, and most of all Danny who's desperate for his brother's love and guidance, yet is driven by his own increasing white supremist hatred. Unbeknownst to Danny, Derek is a changed man. Fresh from prison, he no longer views hatred as a badge of honor. Ashamed of his past he is now in a race to save Danny and the Vinyard family from the violence he brought down upon them. ...  



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