Absence of Malice

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An ambitious Miami reporter, Megan Carter, tries to stay on top of a breaking story about the mysterious disappearance of a local long-shore labor leader for her newspaper. Meanwhile, Elliot Rosen, the head of a federal task force investigating the same disappearance case, believes that a little pressure on Michael Gallagher, the son of a dead mobster might force his help in solving the mystery. Michael's late, mafia boss father, however, kept him 'clean', and away from the family racketeering, making sure his son ran a legitimate business. Nonetheless, Michael still has unsavory family ties, particularly with his shadowy uncle Luther. And although Michael has no connection with the crime, Elliot and the newspaper editor sucker Megan into printing a story identifying him as a prime suspect. Under the Absence of Malice rule for slander and libel cases, she remains in the clear; meanwhile Michael's life begins to unravel--alongside others who are impacted by the slanderous story. The stakes get even higher as Megan and Michael grow close, within the turmoil of published propaganda, skewered truth and lies. ...  


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