2 Days in the Valley
What is it that causes people to connect? It can be love, it can be money and sometimes it can be murder. The clock is ticking, and over the next 48 hours the lives of ten people in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley will intersect and be irrevocably altered--or abruptly ended. The plot is laid with a contract kill, the work of a ruthless professional and a has-been hitman who soon learns that his own death is an integral part of the plan. Barely escaping his partner's fiery death trap, the hitman crawls to safety in an opulent hillside home. Now the hitman becomes a reluctant kidnapper, holding hostage in the house an insufferable modern art dealer and his loyal secretary. Complicating matters, the art dealer's half-sister arrives with a down-and-out screenwriter in tow. Meanwhile, the contract killer's money is still at the crime scene which is crawling with cops, particularly an overzealous vice officer trying to make it into homicide without much help from his burnt out partner....  



105 Minutes

Closed Captions


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