The Trigger Effect


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Returning to their suburban home, Matt and Annie discover that their infant daughter has an ear infection. Matt calls the pediatrician who says he'll phone in a prescription, but during the night there is a power failure. With the phones dead, the pharmacist hasn't received the prescription and won't give Matt the medicine. Spurred on by the increasing lawlessness, Matt steals the penicillin his daughter needs. Joe, Matt's old friend, visits the couple and brings rumors about "looting and shooting" in town. Joe's presence triggers tensions between the two men. The relationship between the three of them suffers further after a confrontation with a prowler turns violent. They decide to flee the city. On a roadside diner they cross paths with Gary and Raymond. An event occurs in which the lives of Annie, Matt and Joe ricochet off those of Gary and Raymond. Lives hang in the balance as a test of wills turns into a test of faith. ...  



95 Minutes

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