Dog Days


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A group of people in Los Angeles are interconnected through their dogs: Newcaster Elizabeth is settling into single life, experiencing intense on-screen chemistry of her new co-anchor, while seeking advice from her dog’s therapist. Barista Tara dreams of a life with her crush, hunky vet Dr. Mike, while her dog walker friend, Daisy, waits for the right client to fall in love with. Garrett struggles to keep his dog adoption business afloat as he pines after Tara. Perspective parents Ruth and Greg reluctantly leave their big, mischievous mutt in the care of her irresponsible musician brother, Dax. Grace and Kurt anxiously await the arrival of their adopted daughter, whose life has inadvertently converged with an elderly widower, Walter, who’s lost his overweight pug. And pizza delivery boy Tyler befriends Walter and helps him search for his beloved pet. ...  



113 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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