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Knock Off
91 MIN
Marcus Ray lives the good life in Hong Kong working as a sales representative for V SIX Jeans. As the drama and pageantry of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule unfolds, Ray gets wind of a terrifying conspiracy--a Russian Mafia scheme to bring a deadly secret technology--microbombs--to the worldwide terrorist black market. Aware of the devastation an act like this might cause, special security police for the handover, Ling Ho and Lieutenant Han, do their best to keep a lid on any potential national disasters. Meanwhile, Karen Leigh, executive vice president of international sales at V SIX Jeans, learns that the jeans are being copied into cheap knock offs. Leigh immediately suspects Ray and his fellow V SIX rep, undercover CIA agent Tommy Hendricks are behind the racket. Leigh, an undercover CIA agent herself, Ray and Hendricks are equally shocked to learn the ugly truth--the microbombs are actually being planted in the bootleg jeans......