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Dashing ex-British Army officer Robin Cavendish and his resilient, aristocratic wife Diana live a charmed life in 1950s England. Their romantic excursions promise endless adventure for the young couple, until Robin is suddenly struck down by a vicious strain of polio in Kenya. Paralyzed from the neck down and totally reliant on a respirator that breathes for him, he is unable to leave the hospital and given only weeks to live. Depressed and discouraged, Robin insists on giving up. But with the help of Diana's love and determination and a wonderful group of friends including groundbreaking inventor Teddy Hall and Diana's devoted twin brothers, Robin leaves the confines of the hospital against doctor's orders and turns an idea for a revolutionary wheelchair with an attached respirator into a life-changing reality. Sharing this breakthrough with the world, he becomes a celebrated advocate for the disabled and one of the longest-living polio survivors of his era. ...  


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